Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Westfield and car dependency

WESTFIELD shopping centre is causing a seven-day rush hour with huge traffic jams across west London, residents claimed today.

The Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd Bush is the largest urban shopping mall in Europe

but the needs of cyclists in the area have been woefully neglected, according to the co-ordinator of Hammersmith & Fulham Cyclists John Griffiths. Westfield says surrounding roads are "not recommended" for cyclists because the roads around Shepherds Bush Green aren't shown as cycle routes on cycle maps.

Griffiths says, "Again, the needs of property developers have come ahead of those of normal people, making the whole complex a nightmare for cyclists. Not only have cyclists been neglected on the roads, but their needs at surrounding public transport have also been reduced to an afterthought.
Where cycle parking used to be available at the Shepherds Bush Central Line station, before its refit, the new Underground station had none when it opened. However, subsequently 10 Sheffield stands were added, but still much more is needed."