Monday, 17 November 2008

The Mayoress goes to the shops

I feel destiny is drawing me closer and closer to The Mayoress, Councillor Sheila Smith-Pryor . So far I have only encountered her parked official limousine but surely one day we will come face to face.

Earlier in the year, brute that I am, I suggested that arriving at an environmental 'Green Fair' in a limo, and being driven into the middle of the park, was a somewhat inappropriate mode of transport for the Mayoress on an occasion supposed to make everyone more environmentally aware.

And now I've come across the Mayoral limo again, parked in the Town Square at the entrance to the shopping centre. Official business, no doubt. Well the distance from the Town Hall must be about one mile, which makes a limo the only obvious way of travelling this appalling distance. It's good to know the Green Fair made such an impact on the Mayoress's understanding of the environment.

Some lunatic fringe elements might point out that the limo is parked just a few yards away from seven cycle stands and say that she could have cycled to the shopping centre. Out of the question. Cycling is far too dangerous. And anyway those cycle stands are still littered with broken glass, and have been now for over a fortnight, so had she cycled she might well have got a puncture.

I am thrilled to discover interests we have in common. According to the council website, The Mayoress

is passionate about retaining Whips Cross Hospital as a fully functioning district hospital for the people of the Borough.

I, too, am passionate about Whipps Cross Hospital!

Councillor Smith-Pryor has always had an interest in the life of the Borough and is actively involved in its Catholic community. She also represents the council on Waltham Forest Association of Disabled People

Amazingly I also have an interest in the Catholic community and access for the disabled!