Thursday, 27 November 2008

Yet more Crooked Billet crap

(Above and below) This crap council is too bone idle even to send someone down to the Crooked Billet Underpass to reposition all the signs which are pointing in the wrong direction. To get to Chingford Road (South) or Walthamstow you need to turn left here, not right. That sign is pointing to Chingford, in entirely the wrong direction. These misdirections have gone on for months. I keep pointing this out but nobody gives a toss.

(Below) As usual there is broken glass all over the cycle lane.

The leaves that were here the last time I came this way are still there, except now they have turned to a greasy sludge. Conclusive proof that the cycle lanes have not been swept once over the past 14 days at probably the best single cycling facility in Waltham Forest!