Thursday, 6 November 2008

Market trader caught obstructing cycle stand!

(above) On Tuesdays this woman runs a market stall selling women's underwear outside Woolworths in Walthamstow High Street. Here she is two days ago at 10.10 am, positioning two trolleys by a cycle stand on Mission Grove (that section which runs from the High Street to the primary school on the main section of Mission Grove).

(below) She goes behind the trolleys to lock them to the cycle stand

(below) How she locked two trolleys to the cycle stand

I have repeatedly blogged about trolleys which are locked to cycle stands at this location. The council has done precisely nothing about it, even though officers read this blog. It could deal with the problem quite easily in one of three ways:
(i) send a team to this location seven days in a row, armed with boltcutters. Remove the locks and the trolleys and dispose of them. Market traders would soon stop doing it.
(ii) Prosecute the traders responsible for obstruction.
(iii) Take away their market trader licences.

At present the council is turning a blind eye to this wilful, blatant and repeated obstruction of cycle stands. Please email the Executive Director, Environmental Services and ask why he is doing nothing:

Send copies (or write separately) to the two councillors who bear most responsibility for this failure to act: the cabinet member for the environment

and council leader, Clyde Loakes at

If you live in High Street ward you could contact your local councillors, who are Johar Khan, James O’Rourke and Liaquat Ali.