Monday, 17 November 2008

Saturday's obstructed cycle stands

This crap council is shamelessly indifferent to the repeated obstruction of cycle stands by identifiable local traders. All these pics taken on Saturday between 11 am and 12.15

(Above) That's not an empty cardboard box on top of the cycle stand but full of boxes of shoes. The trader is using the cycle stand as a storage depot. I first noticed it when I was in the High Street and an hour later it was still there. The shop on the corner of Storey Road E17 and the High Street. And note the squalor in the background, which this council is also repeatedly unwilling to address as an eyesore, health hazard and rat residence. It's just yards from the High Street, food stalls and food outlets.

(Below) For the zillionth time, Vernon Road E17. Three London Borough of Waltham Forest trade refuse containers (with the names of the traders they belong to written on the side) completely obstruct the footway as well as the cycle stand.

(Below) For the zillionth time, this is Mission Grove E17. A row of cycle stands is obstructed by market traders who attach carts to them. I've even identified one of the offenders. And nobody cares.