Friday, 13 November 2009

BBC car dependency

You struggle along on a salary of £249,030

But you still claim for expenses!

He took 26 centrally booked minicabs in three months and one taxi, costing a total of £714.17.


Caroline Thomson, the corporation's chief operating officer, also claimed £1,534.47 on taxi fares in May alone.

A spokesman for the BBC said Ms Thomson needed to travel extensively as part of her role.

'In London it can be quicker to go by taxi and she can also take calls, which she would not be able to do if she travelled by Tube or bus.

You can’t take calls on a bus? What planet does the BBC live on?

It's hardly a surprise that this unaccountable, wildly-overpaid, car-addicted bunch run a broadcasting service which ignores cycling and walking, and doesn't regard the regular killing of cyclists by lorries in London as worth mentioning on the news.