Tuesday, 8 December 2009

25 Waltham Forest lamp posts blazing in daylight (Copenhagen day one)

(Above) Gosport Road E17. A solitary lamp post burns brightly in the late morning.

According to the other active Walthamstow blogger the Council recently spent public money fêting a group of eco-activists on their way to Copenhagen.

Yes, no one does empty Green gestures better than walking-hostile, cycling-hostile, multiple-car-household-friendly, energy-profligate Waltham Forest Council.

Spin, spin, spin. There was the Waltham Forest Energy Fair and then there’s the cute schools Go Green Award

The kiddies can be ‘Power Rangers make sure everyone is turning lights and computers off after use, for example’.

Or why not send the little blighters out into the streets to count how many lamp posts they can see blazing away all day long through the daylight hours? I counted 25 yesterday, and this was just ones I noticed as I cycled past. I'll spare you the ones I've featured before on this blog, with the exception of the A12. All photos taken yesterday - day one of the Copenhagen conference. With the exception of the A12 cluster these were all isolated lighting columns blazing away while the others in the street were switched off.

(Below) Brighton Avenue E17

(Below) Colworth Road E11.

(Below) Vernon Road E11.

(Below) Carnarvon Road E10, by the corner with Peterborough Road.

(Below) I counted seventeen lighting columns blazing away in daylight on the A12, at the junction with the Green Man.