Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lewis Hamilton’s road safety crap

A NEW road safety scheme was launched by British Formula One star Lewis Hamilton in Weybridge on Sunday (December 6).

Oh yeah? Surely the first person Lewis Hamilton should be talking to on this subject is his dad.

The RoadSense initiative was developed by Mercedes-Benz and was piloted at Mercedes-Benz World Museum and showroom in Sopwith Drive, Weybridge. It also has the support of Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, Surrey County Council and Surrey Police

Ah, yes, Mercedes-Benz. Just the name that immediately springs to mind when you think of how road carnage might be reduced. You know, like not designing cars to go at twice the maximum speed limit sort of thing. Woops, sorry, shouldn’t use expressions like ‘road carnage’. Road safety. Accidents.

Let’s cut to the core of this crap, shall we?

The scheme allows youngsters to have hands-on driving experience, as well as teaching them in the classroom about safe driving.

Lewis Hamilton figures in all kinds of other road-lobby-shaped road safety crap. For example:

PACTS Director Rob Gifford closed the meeting by urging greater support for the Make Roads Safe campaign. Campaign supporters in the UK include the Automobile Association, road safety charity Brake, British Red Cross, Living Streets, Oxfam, Roadsafe, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and UK Youth.

Roadsafe is a cynical road lobby attempt to trade on the good name of RoadPeace, an organisation whose efforts to make Britain’s roads safer through danger reduction are worth far more than all those other organisations put together.

Cut through the slithery crap and you’ll find that Roadsafe calls for ‘Careful consideration of an 80 mph limit on roads specifically engineered for the purpose’.