Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The bombing you didn’t hear about

Police were today hunting the person who blew up a yellow roadside camera, leaving parts strewn across a road in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Residents living along the Bishopstoke Road
were woken up by the sound of an explosion in the early hours of Christmas Eve.

Even though bombing and violence are major news stories, the activities of Captain Gatso and MAD (Motorists Against Detection) are marginalised by the mass media and treated with indulgence by the police and security services.

Captain Gatso boasts of having destroyed speed cameras but has never once been arrested, even though the security services know who he is. The MAD website celebrates the violent destruction of speed cameras and boasts of orchestrating attacks on them, yet those behind this organisation have never once had police come to their door, been arrested, or had their computers seized.

Funny, that.