Friday, 18 December 2009

Exclusive photo of Santa

Santa caught in the act of trying to get to the top of a house well above sea-level, in order to avoid the inevitable consequences of Waltham Forest Council's wasteful use of electricity through allowing street lights to burn brightly in the daytime, week after week, month after month, like this one in Walthamstow. Yesterday.

Everything you need for a green Christmas is the front page headline on the Council’s propaganda sheet Waltham Forest News.

The sub-heading is

Santa’s top tips for a greener Christmas

Among Santa’s tips are

Christmas lights

The longer you keep your lights on, the more C02 you’ll emit.


reduce your impact on the planet

by not wasting electricity!

Advice which the Council chooses not to apply to itself. Yesterday, the ninth day of the Copenhagen climate summit, I spotted two more street lights blazing away, under blue sky and sunshine. (Below) St John's Road E17. As well as the first one, above, on Orford Road E17.