Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Waltham Forest council driver using a mobile phone

The driver of this Waltham Forest council van (Waltham Forest Libraries) drove up to the traffic lights at the junction of Willow Walk and High Street, steering with his left hand and chatting on a handheld mobile phone with his right hand. Yesterday, 1.20 pm. As the driver pulled off at green I took a couple of quick snaps, as he headed towards Selborne Road. A black male with a woolly hat. The above pic shows him steering with his left hand. His other arm is hidden, as it is holding a mobile phone to his right ear.

(Below) Possibly it was the same driver who was at the controls of this Waltham Forest Libraries van, which was driven into the Advanced Stop Line for cyclists at red on Wood Street E17 on November 13.