Monday, 7 December 2009

High Street Liberal Democrats with eyes closed

Lib Dems in Waltham Forest Take Lead on Climate Change

is the gush from the local Lib Dems, who are passionate that the Council should

actively encourage all Council staff to switch off all unnecessary lights

Not only will these simple actions help the environment and save taxpayers money, but they will also help Waltham Forest Council to take a lead in changing the culture on energy efficiency.

Which strikes me as a bit rum, because Walthamstow High Street ward is represented by three councillors, two of whom are Lib Dems, including the group’s Deputy Leader and Councillor James O’Rourke, who perhaps significantly lives not in the area he represents but miles away in Chingford.

What these two councillors obviously don’t do is walk down Walthamstow High Street very often. If they did they might have noticed by now the street lights which blaze all through the day, and have been doing so for months, wasting the energy which they claim to be so keen to save. Here are three from mid-day yesterday.