Saturday, 12 December 2009

Just fancy that!

Ed Miliband’s ‘Green’ speech:

It needs a willingness to take the argument to people about the tough choices involved in tackling climate change.

But we can only convince people of these hard choices if they have a sense that there is fairness... of outcome and of procedure.

As for fairness of procedure, it is at least in part
about whether people feel they have a chance to have their say and their views properly taken account of.

And now

Ministers are set to rush through planning permission for a third runway at Heathrow without a full public inquiry, the Standard can reveal.

John Stewart, chairman of anti-Heathrow expansion group HACAN, said: “It's a foregone conclusion that this Government will give permission for a third runway if the decision is left with them. This makes a mockery of the democratic system.”