Saturday, 12 December 2009

Falling down

This wall beside the three cycle stands on Erskine Road E17 is in serious danger of collapsing. It's obviously been hit by a vehicle, has a huge crack in it, is leaning at a tilt, and looks as if it is held up by one small section of broken brickwork. Appropriately, this precarious, broken and very dangerous structure bears the logo of the council.

I took this snap on November 1st. This wall is in a very prominent position and it says a lot about this area that no one working for the council has noticed this, least of all the councillors who are supposed to represent this area, or the numerous council employees who pass by (not their job, broken walls) or for that matter the police, who have an office round the corner, or the community support officers, who are supposed to be vigilant on behalf of public safety.

This section of wall is at the entrance to a car park. So I suppose it's true - you spot stuff on a bike that nobody else notices.