Wednesday, 9 December 2009

‘Renegade bikers’

We have rogue cyclists, lycra louts and iPod zombies. Our trans-Atlantic cousins have ‘renegade bikers’:

Renegade bikers are re-painting the bike lane that the city eliminated along Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. They posted video on YouTube

The bikers managed to restore a 14-block stretch of the old bike lane leading up to the Williamsburg Bridge. They even stenciled in the bike logo.

The city took out the bike lane recently after hearing a number of complaints, mostly about safety.

Of course if this happened in Britain the Daily Mail would demand a six month jail sentence, Westminster Council would employ a one-hundred strong enforcement team to catch cyclists with paintbrushes, and the London Cycling Campaign would give its ‘conditional support’ to the crackdown on the renegades!