Saturday 28 August 2010

Barriers to cycling

"The barrier had only been down for a matter of seconds and I cycled across immediately. It came up without warning, catching my back wheel, and I was catapulted off my bike. The next thing I remember was waking to hear my daughter, Serena, screaming and a member of our cycling club calling for an ambulance."

"The road barrier that caused my injuries had no audio or visual warnings for cyclists or walkers – it merely had a sign for cars, but nothing stated the possible danger for those crossing it.

Sara Heppenstall for Russell Jones and Walker representing Mr Westerman, said: "The barrier Mr Westerman rode over had no clear signage stating the time in which pedestrians or cyclists had to cross safely. The result is Mr Westerman has had to have extensive surgery to set his shoulder and neck, taking significant time off work. Cases like this highlight that the safety of all road-users must be a priority for the authorities,
not just drivers.