Sunday 29 August 2010

The driving record of George Michael

JULY 2010
Crashed Range Rover into shop in Hamptead. Arrested and tested for drugs. CHARGED

Arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drink or drugs after crashing into the back of a lorry on the A34 in Berkshire. Breathalysed and held for almost five hours. NO ACTION

Found slumped at the wheel of his Mercedes in north London. Pleaded guilty to driving while unfit. Banned for two years and handed 100 hours community service. Also cautioned for possession of cannabis. PLEADED GUILTY

APRIL 2006
Allegedly crashed his Mercedes into three parked cars near his north London home. Interviewed under caution but not charged. NO ACTION

Arrested for possession of a Class C drug after being found asleep at the wheel at Hyde Park Corner. Later said it was 'my own stupid fault as usual' CAUTIONED

and now

Singer George Michael admitted crashing his Range Rover into a shop while under the influence of cannabis.