Saturday 21 August 2010

The wisdom of Susan Hill

After the writer Susan Hill confessed to ‘dooring’ a cyclist when getting out of her taxi, which inspired her to write a rambling piece about cyclists putting themselves in danger, I asked

What is Susan Hill, who is apparently an able-bodied woman, doing travelling by taxi in Piccadilly? Why isn’t she walking, cycling or using public transport? Does she even reflect that the reason she is 'stuck in Piccadilly' is that Piccadilly is a site which, absurdly, is clogged by cars and taxis. In any civilised society Piccadilly would be empty of private motor traffic and taxis and the only available surface transport modes would be walking, cycling or trams.

Hill’s article has since generated a long column of comments. Hill hasn’t answered my question, but has instead come up with an innovative suggestion for helping cyclists to become safer on our roads.

Being a Conservative, I am for less government interference in our lives not more but I wish they would make wearing helmets compulsory with an on the spot fine of £50 for non-compliance. The saving to the NHS would be spectacular.

Better still, why not ban cycling altogether? There would be a massive reduction in road casualty figures and the savings to the NHS would be spectacular.