Saturday 28 August 2010

Cyclists: for double protection wear a computer dust cover AND a helmet

Angela Lee, chief executive of the Bike Helmet Initiative Trust and a nurse consultant in paediatric trauma, says it's clear that helmets make cycling safer.

"It's plain and simple that helmets are effective," Ms Lee continues. "If you think of people who have mobile phones, computers, I bet they all have covers on to protect them. You have a skull protecting your brain and if you know anything about computers you know that if you damage a computer you can't load the programme. That's exactly the same with your brain."

Yes, exactly. So to avoid any confusion ALL cyclists MUST wear a computer dust cover AND a helmet, as demonstrated above by Sam, whose chances of getting a job as an extra on the next Star Wars movie are now very much improved. Cyclists, if you do not do this AT ONCE your BRAIN is at risk and you may end up becoming VERY, VERY CONFUSED.

What do mean, the helmet straps aren’t done up? I have looked very carefully at the Bike Helmet Initiative Trust website and all it says is to put a helmet on your head. I can’t see anywhere that says you have to do the straps up.