Sunday 29 August 2010

How green are Rosa Racer bikes?

Rosa Racer. This is a firm which has been promoting itself in the press recently as some kind of a 'green' messiah because they say they assemble bicycles in Walthamstow from bits made abroad. Apparently they should get a medal for this, not because someone local is being kept off the dole (there is no evidence for this), but because they are an 'eco' business.

A Walthamstow blogger isn’t convinced.


the guy helping them with their self promotion in the Guardian, a writer called Simon Munk

is a leading light in the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign and its Movers & Shakers coordinator, the Movers & Shakers document being something I have plunged my hatchet into on a number of occasions – see this and this and this and this.