Monday 30 August 2010

Manchester cops flout parking regulations

'All GMP members of staff are reminded of their responsibilities when they are parking police vehicles. It not acceptable for any member of staff to park on double yellow lines unless it is an officer responding to an emergency.

Ah, yes. Greater Manchester Police. Manchester, the city of the petrolhead’s copper where some officers display a bullying and repressive attitude to the Manchester naked bike ride

And they don’t do customer relations either.

When she pleaded that Hanvey was hurting her, the custody sergeant retorted: 'If you misbehave you will be hurt. It is the technique we are trained to do - hurt.'

It later emerged Hanvey had a history of violence and narrowly escaped being dismissed after punching a prisoner in the face in 1998.

Bosses at Greater Manchester Police took the unusual step of giving him a chance despite his criminal conviction.

Unusual? In the words of Tom Jones, it’s not unusual.