Friday 27 August 2010

‘multiple vehicle traffic accident’ on the M5

Crikey, I hope no one is going to suggest that all these speed camera cuts are going to give drivers the idea they can belt along motorways at excessive speed, driving much too close to the vehicle in front. Because, after all, they do that anyway!

A statement released by Devon and Cornwall Police said: "At 9pm 26th August 2010 Devon and Cornwall Police received a call to a multiple vehicle traffic accident two miles south of junction 28 on the M5 northbound near Cullompton. Fire service and Ambulance were also attending.

"On arrival the M5 Northbound was closed. Eight vehicles were involved in this accident. Several persons were trapped in their vehicles and had to be cut out by Fire Crew. The M5 southbound was also closed to allow Air Ambulance and a helicopter from RMB Chivenor to land to ferry casualties to RDE Hospital Exeter.

"At present there are thought to be seven casualties who have been admitted to hospital, some of them with serious injuries. There are also several ‘walking wounded’ who have been tended to by Ambulance Paramedics at the scene.