Monday 23 August 2010

The driving record of Bolton MP Yasmin Qureshi

She’s a sturdy pillar of the House of Commons:

Family and religion are the cornerstones on which her politics is built.

(Yes, you will require a sick-bag, so please ensure one is nearby before you read any further.)

She’s also a shining example of The Law:

As a lawyer, she has worked for the Crown Prosecution Service

And now this shining exemplar of all that is good, decent and judicially respectable has been, er,

banned from driving for six months.

Yasmin Qureshi, the MP for Bolton South East, was spotted using a mobile phone while driving and when stopped by police was also found to have no car insurance, Bolton Magistrates' Court heard.

The Labour MP, who was not in court, apologised to magistrates through her solicitor who said she would now have the "inconvenience" of having to use taxis and public transport.

She had a previous offence of using her mobile phone while driving dating from May 25 2008 and two speeding offences, one in 2007 and another last year.

"For whatever reason, matters are being looked into by Ms Qureshi, on this occasion the insurance was not renewed, therefore she did not have insurance.

"Clearly something has gone wrong.

"As a result of administrative error or whatever it is, she is not insured."

Hat tip to Richard Brennan.