Tuesday 24 August 2010

Woman on bicycle discovers legendary Waltham Forest

My missing-three-hours-of-sleep foul mood is not helped by doing a detour through Walthamstow where a woman on the High Street calls me a 'fat cow'.

The outer roads look like some early 1950s dystopian nightmare of future vehicle use where everyone has a car and everyone drives every day. Given that oil is a finite resource, I rather feel that petrol for private cars should be rationed.
No wonder the Waltham Forest cyclist is always in a grump.

Grumpy? What have I got to be grumpy about? Why, only yesterday on the Guardian website it said that Cycling in this country is not exactly mainstream, but it does seem to be on its way to achieving that status. And here in wonderful Waltham Forest you only have to compare the infrastructure for drivers with that for cyclists to see how believable it is that more and more people will be soon be abandoning their cars for the bicycle.

(Above) The A406

(Below) The adjacent infrastructure for cyclists.