Tuesday 14 July 2009

Amir Khan: now he’s hit a cyclist

Remember this?

Boxer Amir Khan accelerated through a red light in his powerful BMW, knocking down a pedestrian on a pelican crossing


Boxer Amir Khan has been involved in a collision in which a teenage cyclist was injured in Greater Manchester.

Police were called to Moor Lane in Bolton on Sunday morning following reports of
a crash between a Range Rover and a cyclist.

Amir Khan has form.

Khan was found guilty at Bolton Crown Court of driving without due care and attention. He was fined £1,000 and banned from driving for six months after a judge said a message needed to be sent out to all young people who drove high performance cars like his £70,000 grey BMW 6 series convertible.

Just three months later he was given a further ban of 42 days after being caught driving at speeds of up to 145mph in the same car on the M62 motorway. He has since sold the car and his ban is due to expire.

Update 2.40 pm

"The driver was not at fault in the collision and no further action will be taken on this matter."

And who cannot but have total confidence in the judgement of Manchester police with their fine policing traditions? It would be interesting to hear the cyclist’s point of view, but I don’t suppose we ever will.

Any suggestion that cops sometimes make inappropriate instant judgements (Chief Inspector Lyn Adams said there is nothing to suggest the driver did anything but lose control), is the sort of nonsense you could only expect from fanatical Greens, say, or, north-east Wales coroner John Hughes: "The evidence shows classic signs that Robert Harris was driving without due care and attention and to his credit he admitted his responsibility in going too fast. I fail to understand why no proceedings were brought against him."

I think we can be totally confident that Amir Khan will never be involved in a fifth unfortunate incident, and if by some bizarre coincidence he is, it definitely won’t be his fault.