Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ingrid Tarrant: the classic slob driver

Remember this?

Ingrid Tarrant is the classic arrogant slob driver who the system protects. She’s now been caught again but there’s nothing about a driving ban. And no journalist has connected this episode to her earlier offences.

Ingrid Tarrant, 54, was said to have been "abrupt and rude" with the officer who tried to issue her with the ticket for leaving her silver Saab parked in a bus stop. She then drove off despite repeatedly being asked to stop. The officer followed her for two miles, eventually halted her, cuffed her and after a struggle forced her into the cage in the back of his police van, Staines Magistrates' Court in Surrey heard.

Following a two-day trial Tarrant was convicted of four charges. She was ordered to pay a £2,700 fine and £1,200 costs for parking in a bus stop, failing to stop for police, obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest.

So, apparently no driving ban. And the fine will mean nothing to an enormously wealthy woman like Tarrant.