Sunday, 26 July 2009

Naz Sarkar discusses transport

Naz Sarkar is a councillor for Hoe Street ward in Walthamstow, and he is passionate about the interests of the people of, er, Reading West.

Naz is a parliamentary candidate with form. When he was put in charge of the Arts in Waltham Forest he got himself into a bit of bother over the William Morris Gallery

For Naz Sarkar it was third time lucky in his zeal to become a Labour parliamentary candidate. The last time round he was criticised for his promotional election video, which appeared to suggest he lived in south London when he in fact lives in Leytonstone.

And now this. It is being widely circulated among Tory bloggers. Well, you don't have to be a Tory to enjoy it.

Paul Waugh in the Evening Standard calls it

one of the most embarrassing political interviews I've ever heard.

Having met Naz Sarkar, I’d agree with ‘Waltham Forest Spy’ who comments

Personable though he may be Naz Sarkar is a wholly self interested careerist apparatchik as this appalling interview once again demonstrates.