Thursday, 16 July 2009

London twinned with Newbury

A NEWBURY man has accused West Berkshire Council of treating local cyclists like “second class citizens.”

Glenn Renshaw, aged 53, of Gaywood Drive, has criticised the council over the lack of cycle racks in the town centre and the poor upkeep of those that do exist. As a regular cyclist himself, Mr Renshaw recently took photographs of the racks in Northbrook Street to prove their poor quality as they were bent out of shape or obscured by road signs.

“I am disgusted at the way cyclists are treated in Newbury,” he said. “There aren’t enough racks in the town and people end up chaining their bikes to whatever they can use.

“It seems that cyclists are the lowest denominator in Newbury, where other countries bend over backwards to accommodate them.”

Ah, yes, Newbury. The place where £100 million was spent providing essential relief to the congested town centre - and anyone who stood in the way of more roads was up against the combined state power of the car supremacist police and Special Branch