Wednesday 15 July 2009

Celebrity car crash corner

Following the heartwarming news that Amir Khan will not be charged with anything after colliding with a cyclist, comes more exciting celebrity car crash news:

Katie Price's ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers will not face police action over a car crash near the model's Surrey home.

Officers found a Vauxhall Tigra had crashed into hedge after being alerted to a loud noise at Price's home.

It is perfectly obvious that it was the hedge’s fault and the driver (who may well have been distracted by the hedge's reckless behaviour) quite innocently ‘lost control’.

The Amir Khan collision occurred in Manchester, the same city where Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari in a tunnel.

Ronaldo was interviewed after the crash but after looking into the accident police have decided not to take action.

Again, it is perfectly obvious that it was the tunnel’s fault and Ronaldo was in no way speeding or driving while concentrating on something other than driving.

And remember when Kate Middleton was photographed driving an Audi while chatting into a handheld mobile phone?

Inspector Clouseau was quick to act.

"We will always take a look at the facts to see if any offence has been committed. We will look at the photo and it may be that we write to her, giving her advice on her behaviour. It's a bit early to say yet."

And the police subsequently announced that no action would be taken.