Monday, 13 July 2009

Bleak prospect

from the website of The Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign

Speed Cushions
The council has said it will not use speed cushions in future traffic calming schemes. We have long campaigned against their use and are pleased that sustained pressure from us has resulted in this change of policy.

Except that there has been no change of policy and the Council continues to install speed cushions, like these brand new ones on Prospect Hill E17.

Speed cushions simply encourage drivers to swerve round them. For cyclists, this means you constantly have boy racers and taxi drivers driving at you head on.

However, as can be seen here, a narrow cycle lane has been provided to allow cyclists to by-pass the chicane. (Putting it right next to street furniture was an inspired touch.)

Who could possibly doubt that this traffic calming has resulted in extra convenience and safety for cyclists?