Friday, 17 July 2009

Driver accused of road rage murder of cyclist


Coventry magistrates court was told Fitzgerald reacted after his nearside mirror was knocked off by a cyclist moments earlier, but it is not clear if the victim was the man responsible. Emma Garnett, prosecuting, said: “He was angry that his wing mirror was knocked off.

This week:

A DAD of two accused of mowing down and killing a cyclist after his car’s wing mirror was knocked off in Keresley has denied his murder.

Sean Richard Fitzgerald, of Bennetts Road North, in Keresley, is suspected of driving after 42-year-old Paul Webb in a road rage after damage was sustained to the passenger side of his car.

It’s alleged that after a verbal confrontation Mr Webb pedalled off along Bennetts Road South followed by Fitzgerald, who is accused of then mounting a kerb and ramming into the back of his bike on April 16.