Friday 12 March 2010

BBC London News priorities again

Naturally the killing of cyclists by lorries in London two days running was blanked out by BBC London News. But, look, more persecution of drivers! It's a parking charge story of galactic significance to every Londoner.

An attempt by peers to block proposals to impose parking charges in Richmond and Bushy parks has failed.

Lib Dems had tabled a motion to scrap the plan which would see drivers at the south-west London parks paying between 50p and £3 a day for parking.

Labour peer Lord Brett said the proposed charges of up to £2 per day in Bushy Park and up to £3 for a day in Richmond Park were "not unreasonable".

"Anyone who visits the parks can see the odious and negative impact that traffic has. Not only does it diminish the special ambience of the parks but it leads to degradation of the car parks."

In which case, why not ban cars from the parks altogether?