Monday 22 March 2010

The permanently obstructed cycle stand of Wood Street, Walthamstow

Cycle stand provision in Waltham Forest is grossly inadequate, yet even where it does exist, the stands are all too often obstructed. Like this one near The Flowerpot pub on Wood Street, E17. I've been banging on about this obstructed stand for a year now, and nothing has changed.

The three utterly useless Wood Street councillors responsible for this state of affairs are Cllr Peter Barnett, Cllr Angie Bean and Cllr Richard Sweden. It's blazingly obvious that cycling is of absolutely no importance whatsoever to them.

The pub has its advertising 'A' board permanently chained to the stand. And rubbish sacks are regularly dumped around it for collection by local traders. The green bag is marked with the logo of the London Borough of Waltham Forest. And that's about the only thing that is green about this crap council - the colour of its plastic bags. Photographs taken today.