Monday 22 March 2010

Yob driver

Disabled Susan Simmons is still recovering after having her car door slammed into her shoulder when she confronted a driver for parking in a disabled bay without a permit.

Mrs Simmons, 50, who lives in Chippenham, was left shaken and unable to move her shoulder after the incident, which took place in the Sainsbury’s car park just before 10am on Friday.

She said: “A normal person would have just been a bit bruised, but because I have two frozen shoulders, the one that was hit went into spasm.

“This lady knew I was disabled, but when I said ‘do you know what you have done?’ she just laughed.”

The dispute began in the car park of the Hathaway chemist in Middlefield Road where Mrs Simmons was picking up a prescription.

She said: “I was parked in the disabled bay and there was a car next to me.

“When the man’s wife came out I wound my window down and told them they should not be parked there.

“She gave me a bit of abuse and she was quite nasty about it, which I was not expecting because she was a smart looking woman in her 60s.”