Friday 26 March 2010

Speeding police car runs down cyclist in Islington

A CYCLIST is fighting for his life after coming off his bike in a crash involving a police car.

The 59-year-old was cycling in Northgate Road, Islington, at about 9pm yesterday (Wednesday) when the crash occurred.

Doncha just love the language some journalists use. The cyclist didn’t “come off his bike”, he was hurled off it by the impact of a car travelling at a phenomenal speed.

Witnesses told how the 59-year-old man was thrown through the air by the collision in Islington.

Witnesses at the Northgate pub nearby said the police car was travelling so fast it continued along the road for at least 100 metres after hitting the cyclist at the junction of Southgate Road and Northchurch Road.

Lisa Hutchings, a charity shop worker from Islington, said: “The sound of the police car hitting the bike was so loud I thought it was two cars crashing.
I looked up and there was a body flying through the air.

Naturally BBC London News chooses to shun all mention of this collision. It's just not important, in the way that a parking ticket story is.