Sunday 28 March 2010

Lewis Hamilton, road safety guru, in new spot of bother!

Lewis Hamilton, the former British Formula 1 world champion, was stopped by police on Friday for reckless driving

is how the Daily Telepgraph puts it

Spot the difference with the twisted world of BBC journalism. This is the BBC's digest of the Saturday national papers:

The BBC tamely recycles Hamilton's own choice of expression, which is entirely characteristic of this crap car supremacist news corporation.

Police said officers witnessed him “accelerating heavily” through the streets just on the outskirts of the Albert Park racing track just after 9pm local time. He was not arrested or taken to a police station.

Reports suggested that the driver was generating clouds of smoke by spinning the wheels of his high-powered car and slewing the back wheels across the tarmac, manoeuvres known as a "burnout" and "fishtailing".

It is expected that he will be charged by summons in relation to the improper use of a motor vehicle. The car has been impounded for 48 hours.”

Not the first time that Lewis has had his lethal toy taken away from him since

Less than three years ago, his Mercedes-Benz CLK sports car was impounded after he was caught speeding at 123mph on a French motorway.

And as this blog recently sarcastically pointed out, who better to promote that road-lobby-shaped blood-drenched victim-blaming ideology known as “road safety” than the boy racer himself.

Touchingly, Hamilton sez this:

Speaking about the police incident, he described it as "something you learn from

Exactly. Crap drivers learn from being caught and being punished. They learn nothing from “road safety” advice, which is designed to protect them and transfer the focus of blame to their victims. Which is why comments boxes after a cycling fatality always fill up with airheads demanding to know if the cyclist was wearing a helmet.

Naturally no one has anything to say about Hamilton’s lethal weapon, the 2010 Mercedes C63 with a ludicrous 6.2L V8 engine and a top speed of 155 mph. Real road safety would ban such killing machines from the road.