Thursday 10 June 2010

Cycling in a top Green borough


WALTHAM Forest is the tenth greenest borough in London, according to a new league table.

And that’s an official scientific fact. And you only have to look around you to see how true it is!

(Above) On Forest Road (such a lovely Green name) an attractive cycle lane encourages the novice cyclist to whizz alongside the lorries as far as the Advanced Stop Line at The Bell corner. And KEEP CLEAR markings ensure that no motorist joining Forest Road from Howard Road would ever dream of stopping their vehicle across the cycle lane.

And what could be Greener than Leyton Green (below), with its grassy spaces, its trees and its refurbished cycle lane? So get on your bike and join in the fun!

The Council is keen to gets its message across, with green well-maintained information boards about council meetings and helpful notices explaining how we can all do our bit to make Waltham Forest a nicer, cleaner place. (The Drive E17)

And if the sheer wonder of living in a top Green borough gets too much for you and you need to lie down and rest, in Waltham Forest you're never far from a mattress or a bed! (In this instance, Cromwell Road E17)