Wednesday 16 June 2010

It’s National Bike Week!

Well it is according to Transport for London, which claims that National Bike Week kicks off on 13 June.

Which must be a surprise to the organisers, who reckon it’s 19-27 June

No one should be too surprised that crap TfL can’t even get the date of National Bike Week right. Or that National Bike Week lasts nine days, once again proving our global superiority.

As you can imagine, here at ‘Team Crap’ we’re really looking forwards to National Bike Week, which we’ll be celebrating with lots of thrilling pics of really, really crap cycling infrastructure.

To get into the mood, let’s have a ‘quality environment’ starter, with this classic snap of a Waltham Forest cycle stand, spotted on Monday on Wood Street E17. As usual it's Kier and Waltham Forest Council, ‘working together to suppress cycling’.