Wednesday 30 June 2010

Lawless motorcyclists

The 'No motorcyclists/cars' signs have been systematically painted out on both sides of the road closure on the cycle route on Essex Road E17. Bollards prevent access by cars so the only road users who benefit from this vandalism are motorcyclists. This ties in with this story:

A war between motorcyclists and council parking managers escalated today amid “spying” claims and thousands of pounds of criminal damage caused to road signs.

Police have assigned a detective to use Westminster City Council's vast network of CCTV cameras to track down the bikers spray-painting parking signs to avoid paying a £1-a-day charge.

A disgruntled biker writes about speeding bikers:

I was spitting feathers and was all but decided to phone the police in the hopes they could do something to save the life of the innocent pedestrian or cyclist about to be killed (I have to admit I had lost any interest in the lives of these reckless bikers). But then joy of joys, I turned the corner and there was a police van with speed camera pointed at the road.