Sunday 20 June 2010

Cyclist banned from driving

A Dublin cyclist has been banned from driving after allegedly cycling through a red light, which he denies:

"I couldn't possibly have run the red light. I was cycling in rush-hour traffic and if I ran the red light I would have been squashed by on-coming traffic," he said.

Mr Cully was banned from driving for a year because there is no provision for cycling disqualifications in the Road Traffic Act.

The court was also told Mr Cully had not been wearing a reflective jacket, though he claimed in court that his high visibility clothing was removed by medics or ambulance crew when he was taken to hospital.

"All I really remember vividly is the car hitting me and everything after that is a blur. I'm completely unable to lift anything heavy with my left arm. Doctors believe my arm will be permanently injured. I have received absolutely no compensation for my accident, and chances are I will never cycle again".

He said he was shocked at the driving ban.

"I don't have a car and I do not drive