Sunday 20 June 2010

‘Share the road’ (with stretch limos)

David Love, Mercedes-Benz-driving London Cycling Campaign Vice-Trustee, asserts that

segregation would be great but in London at least there's no room and no money so it's not going to happen.

As can be seen here in Endsleigh Place WC1 in that impoverished part of London known as ‘Bloomsbury’. Here the road is only wide enough to accommodate parking bays for much-needed vehicles like that black stretch limo. And there simply isn’t a penny to spare on extravagances like cycle stands, which is why cyclists have to make do with street furniture.

‘No brains Love’ is also the man behind ‘Share the Road’:

I started the Share the Road campaign in the UK which now enjoys broad support amongst London’s transport community. Our message is that cyclists and motorists are often the same people just doing different things, and that they should respect each other’s right to use the road.

Sadly, not everyone respects the right of stretch limos to make their essential journeys around central London. Here are shocking scenes of cyclists who find it amusing to delay a stretch limo in order to accommodate safe cycling. If you recognise anyone here as a member of the London Cycling campaign, please contact head office so that they can be excommunicated.