Friday 12 November 2010

Brookscroft Road E17? It’s a gas, gas, gas

Construction multinational SKANSKA is passionate about Green thinking. Which sadly does not extend to maintaining free access for pedestrians and cyclists when they come to Waltham Forest and dig up two footways and a cycle cut-through at the road closure on Brookscroft Road E17 on behalf of the National Grid (gas). But then why should they bother? Parliament has always been very careful not to provide pedestrians with statutory minimum footway width protection (instead we get ‘codes’ and ‘advice’) and streets have been deliberately excluded from disability rights legislation. Well, we wouldn’t want to affect the profits of contractors and multinationals, would we?

A local resident was happy to display her skill at getting through the cycle access. The other cut-through remains open but the fencing makes it challenging for anyone with a motorized wheelchair, mobility scooter or double buggy.