Sunday 21 November 2010

‘Inhumane’ damage to car by cyclist

According to this driver a cyclist went completely ape for no reason at all. Yeah, right…

When she crossed the roundabout and was in heavy traffic on the other side, he was between her stationary car and the pavement, and she said he cycled in front of her to try to cycle up the middle of the road.

But he fell off, and when Mrs Powell got out of her car to see if he was OK, she says he started shouting at her.

"He picked up his bike, lifted it above his head and threw it down on my car twice."

Mrs Powell watched in shock as the scene unfolded in front of her, and then the man cycled away.

She has been left with a cracked windscreen, smashed front headlight and damaged bumper.

"It was inhumane," she said. "You just can't do these things."

She called the police and was advised that if she saw the man again she should take his photo.