Thursday 11 November 2010

Scenes from a (cycling) revolution!

‘But officer, there was no need to knock me off my bicycle just because I’m not wearing high viz gear like you’

Transport for London reports a one hundred per cent increase in people cycling to confrontations with the police during the first ten days of November.

Sorry, I was daydreaming. Photo above taken from the Evening Standard. Back to reality:

In Trafalgar Square an irate bus driver confessed: "I was sympathetic until they blocked my bus. Where are the police?" Good question.

Yes, it’s such a shame when people thoughtlessly or illegally cause an obstruction to other road users, isn’t it? In Trafalgar Square of all places!

Where are the police when people wantonly break the law by driving into Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists when the lights are at red? Oh here they come – joining the other drivers already in the ASL.

Fortunately in the London Borough of Waltham Forest we are blessed both with a magnificent network of on-road cycling infrastructure and with bus drivers who display at all times a strict adherence to road traffic law and who show every consideration for cyclists.