Monday 1 November 2010

Government’s new cycling strategy revealed

It is quite unfair to suggest that the new ConDem government is hostile to cycling. On the contrary, it is making substantial investments in infrastructure which will allow the safe transportation of bicycles and unicycles on Britain’s dangerous roads. In all, the safe-carriage-of-unicycles commitment involves a total of 24 schemes.

So you see, it’s perfectly simple. Firstly, buy a 4X4 (you owe it to your loved ones to keep both your unicycles and your family safe). Secondly, take advantage of Britain’s new speed-camera-free roads to drive at top speed to Cornwall. Thirdly, remove your wheeled devices from the roof rack and enjoy safe, family-friendly cycling.

For those unable to transport their bicycles to Cornwall by car, relax. Don’t be impatient. New analysis shows that London's cycling modal share will be the same as Amsterdam's and Copenhagen's in a little over 600 years.