Sunday 28 November 2010

A dead baby and an unregistered car

A TWO-month old baby boy was killed last night after a hit and run crash along a busy dual carriageway in the West Midlands.

The infant was in a Toyota Corolla which was involved in a collision with a Mitsubishi Evolution on Grove Lane, in Smethwick, just after 6pm.

The baby boy suffered multiple injuries and was later pronounced dead. A woman from the Toyota was also taken to hospital with serious injuries and was in a critical condition.

But four occupants of the high-powered Mitsubishi – which police say was unregistered – fled the scene before emergency services arrived.

So this two-months-old baby had no chance to grow up and go to school in a society where One in 10 children say that they have been hit by a vehicle while walking or cycling.

The Mitsubishi Evolution had no registered owner. Fascinating. But then drivers of unregistered or uninsured vehicles know that the massive reduction in traffic police over the past twenty years means the chances of being caught are minimal.

Readers of this blog may not know what a Mitsubishi Evolution looks like. Let’s turn to an officially cycling-friendly organisation and find out…