Thursday 25 November 2010

Extreme road violence

Three men died in the space of three hours following separate accidents on the West's roads.

The first man died when his Renault failed to negotiate a left-hand bend on the A358 Axminster to Chard road at around 6.35pm. It mounted a kerb, hit a stone wall, landed on its roof and caught fire.

No collisions have been recorded at the spot where the accident happened, but several collisions have taken place 250 metres away where cars have several times gone off the road and ended up in a cottage garden.
A road surface with higher skid resistance was put in place to deal with that blackspot.

In other words, the local authority did not bother addressing the problem of reckless, speeding drivers going too fast for the road conditions but instead did its best to accommodate it by changing the road surface. This is the essence of the bogus ideology of ‘road safety’ which always diverts attention from the driver and puts the focus on secondary matters – ‘dangerous roads’, cyclists who don’t wear helmets, pedestrians who walk over zebra crossings at night wearing dark clothing, trees and lamp posts and bus stops which wantonly get in the way of innocent drivers. RoSPA is all about accommodating the motor lobby, never addressing the little matter of cars expressly designed to travel at speeds twice the maximum national speed limit.