Monday 29 November 2010

The Labour Party and ‘dangerous behaviour’

Conservative chairman Baroness Warsi has written to Labour leader Ed Miliband accusing one of his MPs of encouraging "dangerous behaviour".

John McDonnell has said students facing tuition fee rises have "no other alternative" to direct action.

Barones Warsi urged Mr Miliband to take action to deal with Mr McDonnell's "reckless" comments.

A Labour Party spokesman said the MP would be spoken to about his remarks.

However the Labour Party remains immensely relaxed about its MPs who crash their cars while drunk ("He said that he had no idea what he had hit – but he knew he had hit something"), who are caught driving with one hand while chatting on a mobile phone, or who crash their cars while talking on a handheld phone then flee the scene.

The Conservative Party was also immensely relaxed about this reckless and dangerous behaviour and made no complaints. Because if every MP who had motoring convictions or who was a drunkard was ejected from parliament this would obviously strike a savage blow to the heart of the finest democracy in the world.