Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Who do these pedestrians think they are?

A major junction has been without pedestrian crossing lights for two weeks, leading to accusations that people are having to dice with danger.

The main traffic and pelican crossing lights at the junction of Narborough Road South and Hinckley Road, in Leicester's West End, are out of action because they are being replaced.
Temporary traffic lights have been brought in for drivers but there are no temporary signals to tell people when it is safe to cross.

Claire Jennings, 29, of West Knighton, Leicester, faced problems when she tried to get across with her two-year-old son, Oliver. She said: "You're taking your life into your hands as you have to take a gamble on whether or not you have time to get to the other side before the traffic starts moving.

"You can't see the traffic lights so you have no way of knowing."

Ms. Jennings does not seem to appreciate her irresponsibility in not transporting her child by motor vehicle (preferably a Lexus 4X4 with eleven airbags). It is a worrying thought that this young child is being brought up by a mother who thinks that walking is an acceptable way of moving around a modern city. Let us hope that someone has brought this sad case to the attention of social services.

Kevin Clinton, road safety officer for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "Alternative arrangements should be made to direct pedestrians to the nearest crossing because it is not acceptable to have such a vulnerable group at risk."

That’s right Kevin, what we need is some PEDESTRIANS THIS WAY signs, with arrows, pointing to the nearest signalled junction one mile away, placed where possible in a cycle lane. What we definitely mustn’t have is temporary lights for pedestrians, because this would slow down motorists, a form of extremism which, quite rightly, RoSPA refuses to countenance.