Wednesday 13 October 2010

‘Bike boxes’ arrive in Toronto

In cycling-hostile Canada (where they fine you for not wearing a helmet) the car-centric highway engineers are introducing vehicular cycling infrastructure with a proven record of failure. But not to worry – it creates the impression that something is being done for cycling even though it won't result in mass cycling.

They’re meant to make intersections safer, but the new bike boxes on St. George and Harbord Sts. are being mostly overlooked by cyclists and drivers alike.

“What the heck is a bike box,” you ask?

It’s a painted pavement marking that gives cyclists a designated space to wait at a light, in front of cars.

Toronto became the latest city to introduce bike boxes this month, joining bike-friendly cities such as Vancouver, Portland, Ore., and Amsterdam.

The few cyclists who waited inside the box generally were wearing a helmet
and one pantleg rolled up.